September 21, 2020

Things You Should Know Before Living In Jacksonville

There a lot of positive things and negative comments about the city of Jacksonville. Before moving there, you should know some general information about the city for you to prepare yourself.

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Is Jacksonville A Good Place To Live

The Weather

This was overwhelmingly in the pros column but can be found in your cons column if you have love with the snow. Jacksonville has a very tropical and warm climate with mild winters. The city has not seen real snow since 1989, and in January it will ask if it’s not autumn. On the other hand, Jacksonville is incredibly warm and humid during the summer, which can sometimes be overwhelming, even for residents who have lived here all their lives.

Although Florida, in general, has a reputation as a haven for hurricanes, the hidden location of Jacksonville in the northeast corner reduces the likelihood that the city will be hit by a hurricane. In fact, the only hurricane that made landfall in Jacksonville was Dora, and that was in 1964.

The Beaches

No matter where you live in Jacksonville, it’s probably not much more than a jump and a jump of miles of beaches. Residents in most areas of the city can reach the beach in less than an hour, depending on traffic.

Neptune Beach

This beach is popularly Known as one of the best places to surf in northeastern Florida. It is clean and has a beautiful coastline with natural dunes. It also has accessible public parking.

Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach is a more crowded beach because it has more residence surrounding the area and business neighborhood. Its shoreline expands for miles which gives plenty of sand for all of its visitors.

Ponte Vedra

It is where the best golf courses in Florida is situated. It has miles of freshwater creeks and marshes throughout its natural, undeveloped areas. The beach also offers some boutique shopping and fine-dining establishments.


The city of Jacksonville operates the most extensive urban park system in the United States, with 262 designated parks and more than 80,000 acres. Each of the parks brings its qualities, from the quiet peace of the various parks in Riverside to the rich history of the Hemingway Plaza downtown, the city’s first park.

Huguenot Memorial Park

It is unique in the area because it permits its visitors to drive straight onto the sand and park on the beach. It has white sands and decent, surfable swells, in addition to beautiful scenery and a smaller, secluded beach nearby where cars cannot park at all. You can also have camped here and stay overnight if you want to prolong your day visit to the beach.

Little Talbot Island State Park

It is located on a small, barrier island northeast of Jacksonville. It is the perfect nature retreat from the urban Jacksonville setting because it is one of the only remaining undeveloped islands in northern Florida.

Sports and outdoors

Do you like to hunt or fish? Jacksonville is the dream of an outdoor enthusiast, especially compared to other cities of its size. The St. John’s River is very much the soul of the city and is often used by residents for fishing, boating, and skiing in the water. The city is also full of beautiful golf courses. Golf is a favorite local activity. The location of Jacksonville as an NFL city is also engraved with Jacksonville Jaguars.

Low cost of living

Jacksonville regularly makes the list of major cities with a low cost of living. Housing, particularly in some areas, is impressively affordable when compared to Jacksonville with many other cities on the east coast. The expense of living is not only lower than the national average of the US, but it is also lower than the Florida average.

Additional notes

Jacksonville is politically and socially conservative. Residents reflect this as a positive aspect of life in Jacksonville, while others believe it a scam. In general, it depends on your social and political perspective. Moreover, social networks are also increasing in the city, so more digital businesses are also booming. An SEO company Florida is one instance. The internet marketing jacksonville fl has been the trend nowadays in the city.

Are you considering moving to Jacksonville? Make sure you also check the inconveniences of living in Jacksonville.

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